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Pioneering a Cryptocurrency Decentralized Trading Platform
Bring forth safety, stability, and efficiency to 1 million global professional cryptocurrency investors in asset trading services dd
Cross-Chain Asset Security
Experience the era of decentralization, where you keep a private key by yourself, and master 100% of fund management rights. Users' assets are locked in smart contracts, multi- signature in all super nodes ensures security.
Lightning Trading Speed
Complete transactions within 3 seconds - the same trading speed as a centralized trading system. Be amazed with a double leap in performance and security using the advanced consensus mechanism of Cryptocaptrades Blockchain.
Perfect cross-chain mechanism
The only true cross-chain solution in the decentralized trading system, supporting BTC, USDT, ETH, CMT and other major blockchain assets, and will continue to expand the scope.
Global arrangement
Super nodes are being deployed in 8 countries on four continents. This ensures you the ultimate trading experience for users around the world. You’ll get to enjoy International Team Formation, and continue to connect with global quality projects.
Professional K-Line Indicator Tool
Transaction interface returns to centralization experience, easy to use. Support is available 7/24 and provides professional customer service.
High Speed Matching Engine
The “Match-Chain” built on the Cryptocaptrade 2-layer blockchain structure provides stable and high- speed order matching services. This is different from any decentralized exchange you have heard of. In Cryptocaptrade, you can enjoy on-chain trading experiences as fast as 1 second, which is not only fast and secure.
Your Complete Guide to Your Cryptocaptrades Experience
A Versatile Platform That Caters to Your Trading Needs, Anytime and Anywhere
Decentralized Wallet
Cryptocaptrades Blockchain Ecology Entrance
Decentralized Exchange
Fast and convenient trading on mobile
Secure Storage
Users' assets are locked on the Blockchain
Variety of DApps
Interesting DApps are waiting for you to explore
Create Your Blockchain Identity